HTTP vs HTTPS: How Security Affects Your SEO.


Internet security, safe encryptions are need of the hour. A layman browsing the internet or any SEO service provider foremost pre-requisite is of internet security. All most every day information gathering- sharing, financial transaction, online shopping and much more is shared and transferred over the internet. There has to be safe guard shield available online for tension free transactions.


The entire purpose of virtual world presence will be shattered if the internet security is at stake.

Any threat pertaining to the internet needs to be taken up at higher level to provide advanced security solutions to the website owners and its users.

So what will you get by securing websites with SSL certificate?

Secure websites protects any number of user’s connections by securing their information in three tiers:

  • Encryption of data transfer ensures that a user’s activity cannot be tracked or their information stolen by anyone over the internet.
  • During transfer of files data integrity prevents files from being corrupted.
  • Authentication of transfer protects websites against attacks and garner’s user’s trust.

The Basics: HTTP vs HTTPS

HTTP: In HTTP all communication sent are in basic text language and can be read by any hacker easily. It is a primary platform transmitting data between the browser and website as it is, without making any changes. Transmitting of present information data to the internet user on whichever channel possibly available. HTTPS: All communication between your browser and the website are encrypted and cannot be read or hacked easily. It makes easier for users to communicate o such platforms for online money transactions like banking, online shopping, order forms etc. Personal information sharing like mobile number, credit card numbers or e-mail access needs tight security to prevent hacking and sharing of data in an unauthorised manner. In august 2017 Google officially announced the transferring of all HTTP websites (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) to HTTPS (Secure Hypertext Transfer Protocol). To ensure better transfer between users and website in a more secure manner. It is an advanced secure version of transferring of data on the internet.

The only difference between the two is the additional layer of HTTPS i.e. “S” for security.

Usage of SSL to transmit data. HTTPS use TCP Port 443 by default; hence two separate modes of communication are used by HTTP and HTTPS. Installation of SSL certificate on a web server activates the padlock and the https protocol allowing secure connections from a web server to a browser.

SEO Advantages of Switching to HTTPS

Website content plays an important role in laying positive impact on website’s rankings, traffic, potential conversions. Though one o the most sought after paradigm is website security at all times. Look for yourself

  1. Better Rankings: foremost step in strategic planning and implementation of better SEO practises, no expert can deny the role of HTTPS in improving the charting of any website upon search in the first page. Google search Algorithms for sometime have been laying stress on giving preference to the sites with SSL certification if they are preferred more by the users during searches. Day is not far when all the website owners will transfer their information from HTTP to HTTPS for a better performance in the virtual world.
  2. Referral Data:After seeing the difference and platforms of HTTP and HTTPS and the security concerns involved. It is imperative to undermine the referral data being more secure over HTTPS than HTTP protocol.
  3. Security and Privacy: In order to improve your listing, SEO goals and overall website importance transporting to HTTPS is a better alternative. Your presence on the virtual web for your end users must be based on trust and security. Data integration with a shield to maintain the privacy and security will strengthen your web presence as well as web relations with the end user.

The Process of Changing from HTTP to HTTPS

As a novice one might get hesitant with the idea of any change over. Where as a simple process to be followed for changing from HTTP to HTTPS. See the steps involved below.

  1. Purchase an SSL certificate.
  2. Installation of your SSL certificate on your website’s hosting account.
  3. Ensure all website links are changed from http>https in order to keep it intact after you flip the https switch.
  4. Set up 301 redirects from HTTP to HTTPS so that search engines are notified. About your sites addresses changes. In order to automatically redirect anyone who has bookmarked a page on your site is automatically redirected to the https address after you flip the switch.

Some small enterprise hesitates with this change considering the technicalities involved. Whereas the process is fairly simple. Various hosting companies do offer packages including an SSL certificate.

Might be slightly costly than to purchase a package directly.

Points to ponder are the amount of time you will spend, and frustrations you will suffer without technical knowhow, by handing over the technical end of the process to your hosting company will let you relax and put your efforts in your expertise.

Conclusion: Lock It Up

Looking at the overall end to end benefit for the provider and user it looks like a win-win situation. Getting SSL certification with switching to HTTPS ensures a list of benefits you can gain.

Making your other business decisions without losing your sleep over the security and hacking is possible now.

Google has also given heads up to give preference to the website whose traffic is more due to better secure environment in its listing upon search. Winning your users confidence above all is the recipe to success in the virtual world. Hope to excel in all your future endeavours with embarking your website on a more secure end to end platform. Seek skills and help from techies for better performance on the gamut of WWW. If you are migrating from HTTP to HTTPS then you can find more useful answers at google official page and here.

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