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We are a full service online marketing agency.

In today’s world Web design, SEO content, Mobile apps, and Branding are a necessity to scale up your business. We provide customised solution for each of this modality and help you achieve your dream target. We have experts on board for each segment who successfully collaborate to give you the whole package or an individual solution as per your requirement.

Australia Based Digital Marketing Company

We are a team of creative people who got together to provide a one-stop solution for digital marketing. If you have been wondering why your website doesn’t get many visitors? Or that conversion doesn’t happen? Or, you want to improve your online visibility but don’t know how? Then, you have landed on the right page.

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At Infinity Web Experts Pty Ltd, you will get the best for your website. With the best in class team and great technical support, we aim to bring your website to the desired rank. We have got the best in-house SEO and development team who will look after each and every aspect.

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Digital marketing is available and done in different forms. Each form of marketing and technology will improve your website in a number of ways. Give your website a new look with Infinity Web Experts. With the help of the best team and the teamwork in Infinity Web Experts, we serve the following technologies. Infinity Web Experts is the future of Online Marketing.

Frequently asked questions

We have put together list of common questions to assist you when making your decision. If you have any additional question, please feel free to call or email.

Your website forms the central hub of your business. In most cases, all of your existing and potential customers will visit your website at some point. User experience forms the backbone of a successful site. A good website should provide visitors with an optimal experience and address the users’ needs.

User experience is any aspect of how a person interacts with a website including the structure and navigation that ensures the logical flow of information for the visitor. Your website is possibly the most vital element of your business, it’s your best sales person and key to how you present your business to the world. It directly impacts how you are perceived and position yourself in the market and should cater to the needs of your target audience. A company’s web design, look and feel should represent the organisation’s branding and key messages. Clear call to action interactions should be implemented to allow users to navigate the site and interact with your company as intended.

Our websites are built with the goal of converting users to customers and ensuring that the site compliments your digital marketing and business long term.

IWE is one of the best web design companies in Brisbane and our reviews back that statement up! We have over 125 5-star reviews on Google and TrustPilot. Why? Because we work with our customers to ensure they are 100% happy with the web design.

We communicate with our customer throughout the web design project, ensure clear visual concepts are provided allowing the customer to provide feedback and view the site during the development process. We are friendly, straight talkers that won’t attempt to speak in technical jargon.

IWE web design Brisbane is a local company and our project manager is always available to speak with you and communicate the design stages. We are a web focused company that are dedicated to working alongside our customers. IWE has been designing websites in Brisbane since 2007 and our service and experience ensure you will be delighted with the end result!

No, we are not the cheapest, but we are also not the most expensive! Our goal is to provide a great service and a website that will work for your business to achieve your online goals and represents your brand. It takes time, knowledge and experienced designers to design a website correctly, and this costs money. Furthermore, it is often the elements you can not see that make cheap websites a bad option that may hold your business back long term. A cheap and nasty solution may not allow you to implement a digital marketing strategy, hinder your Google ranking because of poor code, slow load times or they may be cumbersome and hard to update. Clunky website navigation can be a serious issue for web users. With so many professional sites that are crisp, clean, and easy to navigate, a sub-par site stands out from the crowd and not in a positive way.

Our goal is to provide quality, affordable and valuable solutions that work for small to medium sized business. We believe your website is one of the most important elements to your business and as such, it needs to be correct or it will cost you long term.

Content management system users, whether a web design agency or a business user have different reasons for which CMS they like to work with. Each individual’s experience will vary because even though WordPress is the base system, the content editor can vary substantially from one site to another. It’s important to run through a demo of updating the WordPress system to ensure you are happy with the editor and feel that it is easy to work with and meets your needs.

Overall, in our opinion, WordPress is popular because it provides a stable, easy to work with platform that has a large developer base. It has had substantial funding that has resulted in numerous platform advancements and is open source, meaning that you are not restricted as far as making customisations to meet your requirements. It allows for custom design and your site can grow as your business grows.

This is a very difficult question and unfortunately, there is no simple answer. We are aware that customers face many challenges as they start speaking with web designers and discover such variation in pricing. The cost of web design can really vary depending on your individual needs, the complexity of the design, whether it is a custom build, along with any development work that may be required for the desired functionality. Other aspects that can affect the cost include animated objects, the ease the design can be implemented for both desktop and mobile and much more.

As a guide, a standard well-designed business website that looks professional, is fast to load and has been custom designed for user experience and conversion optimisation may cost between $3000-$6000. It is always worthwhile discussing your wish list with the web design company because sometimes it can be the small elements that increase the cost. Also when building your site, don’t forget to plan for the future. The great think about digital is that you can add to it as your company needs or budget can afford.

It doesn’t matter whether your business is local or national or sells products or service; without a well built professional website you will be fighting an uphill battle against your competition.

Again, this question can really depend on the specific circumstances of the customer.

If you require a small business website in a hurry, and have all of your content ready to go including a design brief, our Brisbane team can often turn this around in 2-3 weeks.
However, for best results, and if you have the time we suggest 6-8 weeks. This allows time to run through the process of completing a detailed brief, drafting the site map, drafting the initial concepts and allowing time for revisions.

There is also the website build itself where the custom design is implemented into WordPress (or another CMS) and again tweaks made, browser testing completed before finally releasing it to your audience. Custom development work and integrations may also take more time than the 6-8 weeks and this should be discussed at the time as depending on the complexity, the timeframes will vary extensively.

Yes, we sure can! The web is an ever evolving environment and as such, websites require support and maintenance to remain efficient, secure and compatible with the latest devices and software. Core CMS updates and security releases for each version are made available at various times.

They may include (but is not limited to) the following:
• Bug fixes
• Available security updates
• General software updates

kmo can also offer various service level agreements to assist you streamline ongoing updates. Chat to us directly about what may suit you.

Yes, if you select WordPress, we do. A training session is provided on completion of the project. Topics typically covered in the initial training include: adding new pages and blog posts, adding text and images and changing the menu. If you have an ecommerce store it also includes adding products, editing product details, and uploading images.

Additional website training sessions are also available on request for an additional fee. kmo also offer service level agreements to assist with the maintenance of your website. The SLA offers customers the opportunity to purchase blocks of hours for a priority service on updates and modifications.

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