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Analytics play an important role in any business. It helps is making strategic decision that help achieve bottom line.

A website may have few gaps that may be leaking and therefore not giving you an optimum conversion rates.

We are expert in identifying such gaps and plug them to improve conversion for your business.

Analytics is a foundation that can make or break your business.

Without knowing the figures about yours as well as competitor’s online presence, rate of conversion, visitor’s behavioural pattern, your online presence has no meaning.

We provide all types of analytics to help you make an informed choice and take strategic decisions to ensure that your ROIs are always on the rise.


Conversion Rate Optimisation

It is said that around 5% of visitors get convert. That means for every 20 visitors you will get only 1 conversion. These statistics will not bode well for any business. Conversion rate optimisation is the process through which you increase the percentage of website visitors taking a required action.

Proven Results

We have delivered successful CROs for all our clients. Our proven results are owing to the fact that we understand CROs in and out and therefore are aware that there cannot be a single way of doing things. When we work with client we first establish where the leakage is happening and then we provide solution to tap the leakage. All our suggestions are research based and we conduct A/B test for all websites.


We Maximize Conversion By Converting Your Visitors Into Your Real Customers

Having an SEO compliant website is good for business. However, if the conversions don’t happen, then it is time to audit your website. We at infinity web experts maximise conversion by converting visitors into real customers. We achieve this by studying the visitor’s behaviour and then incorporating call to action element that will match their behaviour and therefore will automatically result in conversions.

What We Actually Do?

When we talk about CRO many people think it is not necessary. However, if you study the benefits of CRO you will realise that it is a crucial step in the business.

What we actually do is study the behaviour pattern of the visitors over a period of time.

This gives us the indication of what they are looking for, what do they browse, how long do they stay on site and so on. After learning their trends, we then determine what should be the ideal web set up should be so that these visitors convert into customers.

And then we put a strategy in place that fills up the gap of what it is and how it should be.

Analytics Services – We Offer Various Analytics Services Such As

Advanced Google Analytics Setup
Advanced Google Analytics Setup

Helps you in collecting and processing data relevant to your business.

Custom Dashboards, Alerts, Reports
Custom Dashboards, Alerts, Reports

These three tools automate the data collection part for your analysis.

Google Analytics Training
Google Analytics Training

We offer Google Analytics training to your in-house team

Cross-Channel Reporting
Cross-Channel Reporting

Through cross-channel reporting you can get access to your multiple ad words in a single place

Social Tracking

Helps you monitor performance of your company or brand on various social network sites

Tag Management
Tag Management

Helps you collect and analyse , and move data between website and the technology partner

IP Tracking
IP Tracking

Google collects the details of IP address every time visitors hits your page and truncates it before sharing the report with you

Call Tracking

It tracks the calls that you get through your website or mobile app

Conversion Optimisation Services

  • Conversion Audit – It is the first step of Conversion optimisation. It basically tells you where you are and what you need to do to get where you want to be
  • Testing & Evaluation – The components of the website are compared with the requirements and evaluated for further tweaking
  • Design and Development – It examines the probable obstacles you might face in reaching your product to the market and include the preventive steps while designing and developing your website
  • User Testing – Gives direct feedback on your site, product or services
  • Competitive Audits –knowing what your competitors are up to gives you an edge over them. Through competitive audits you can check where they stand vis-à-vis your business.
  • Heat mapping – Heat map gives instant view of customer’s behavior. What they like, what doesn’t get attention on your webpage and so on.
  • Site Speed Optimisation – Improve your site speed by understanding the reason for slow loading
Conversion Rate Optimisation

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