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Mobile is a new desktop or a laptop. Access to web world is no longer limited to the computers. Now people use smart phones and tablets to access the websites. Website Development Company specialise in Mobile website designs that lets you connect not only with desktop users but also with the mobile users. This helps you increase your target audience.

We create mobile websites that boost customer engagement, from anywhere in the world.

Smartphones are a way of life and the majority of audiences access websites through their mobile. Therefore, having a responsive or an adaptive website is the way to be.

IWE Digital Marketing Agency develops websites that are easily accessible on mobile and are as functional as its counterpart.

A responsive website can be viewed on any digital platform as it self-adjusts to the screen space availability.

An adaptive website, on the other hand, has multiple interfaces and selects the content as per the device you use.

We, after carefully studying your needs, suggest the most suitable website for you.

The Muli-screen Experience

The mobile website can be created three ways to offer a multi-screen experience. In Responsive web design, a single HTML code is used for all platforms. The second version is Dynamic web design where the server detects the medium you are using and shows the content in a manner compatible with the device used. And the third choice is of creating a web site that is exclusively for mobile usage and is different from your desktop site. You can choose which experience to provide depending on the nature of your business, your target audience, and availability of resources.

Mobile Friendly Sites Help Turn Users Into Customers

Today, the majority of consumers want the information whenever they want and however they want. And, mobile websites are becoming more popular due to its ease of accessibility. Also, people tend to visit websites that are mobile friendly and repeated visits will increase the chances of their buying the product.  On the other hand, if you are not using a mobile friendly website you will lose out on the business. Therefore, be present for your customers in a manner that they prefer and you will definitely turn users into customers.

Not Having A Mobile-friendly Site Can Help Your Competitors

Non-mobile friendly site not affects the sale but also gives negative reactions to the brand itself. A slow mobile site leaves your customers frustrated and makes them leave your website. Furthermore, they will begin looking for alternatives that will help them with what they want. And, if the experience is pleasurable then you can be sure that you have lost a customer and your competitor has gained valuable customers without any extra effort.


Responsive Mobile Websites

When a websites responds and adapts to the device through which it is accessed it is known as responsive websites. A responsive mobile website automatically changes to fit as per the device. The four types of screen size which the responsive designs aim are – the widescreen (for desktop), the laptop, the tablet and the mobile. We create responsive mobile websites as per your needs and guide you to make an informed decision based on your goal of creating a website.


Adaptive Mobile Website

In responsive mobile websites, there is only single page that changes as per the device. However, an adaptive mobile website has multiple layouts pre-defined as per various sizes. And the server auto selects which one to show depending on which device. Your business, your target audience and your goal should be a driving factor while deciding on the type of website you need.

So Which Is Best For You?

Both sites have pros and cons. For example responsive websites are difficult to make than the adaptive web site. However, responsive website is more flexible and tends to display the exact content. Also, adaptive websites are slower to load and are not flexible. So, unless you are small set up having less information to share Responsive website is the better choice. It gives good browsing experience along with the attractive display and most importantly loads quickly.

Responsive Web Design

A responsive web design is created to provide an optimal viewing experience irrespective of the device you use. The site automatically resizes the structure, the content, the scroll bar to fit the screen. These kind of websites are created using fluid grids or a design that works no matter the screen size.

The Top 4 Questions About Responsive Web Design

A responsive web design is a technique of creating a website that is responsive to the device. It gives best possible viewing experience for your visitors and can help you in converting them to your clients.

A regular website uses the approach of one size fits all. Therefore, when you try and view such website on your mobile, you need to zoom in to read the text or click on the links making for a tedious experience. On the other hand responsive website will automatically adjust the content to fit the size of your screen leading to a smooth and faultless viewing experience.

While creating a responsive we design the designer includes codes that automatically adjusts the viewing content as per the device. Usually the width and height elements of images and navigation bar are manipulated for easy size adjustment. The best responsive web sites are the ones where first the mobile versions of website is created and then the content is scaled up to 80% for viewing on larger screen space.

A mobile friendly website is no longer a luxury. Majority of users use mobile to view, browse, and shop for their needs. This means that business having a mobile website is likely to get more customer traffic which in turn leads to higher conversions. Businesses especially retailers having e-commerce website will benefit immensely from responsive website as it will allow the users to shop even when they are on the go. So, if you already have a website in place then upgrades it to responsive website or if you about to create a website choose responsive web design, and you will see your business growing.

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