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With Social media popularity, having an SMO strategy in place is a good way to get more visitors.

We offer Social Media Optimisation services to our clients and increase their visibility on various social media site, keeping in mind their nature of the business and the target audience.

Social Media Optimisation is also becoming more and more crucial for search engine optimisation (SEO). The reason is, search engines use the customer behaviour pattern on the social media to understand what they are looking for.

This leads to better understanding of the target audience.

Social Media is a very powerful connecting tool. People share, support, and advice through social media and therefore if you want to promote your online business,

you need to be part of the social media to engage your audience.
We will help you:
  • Share your content,
  • Enhance brand visibility,
  • Increase marketing scope by social media engagement,
  • Social dashboard tracking and
  • Optimising your Google, twitter and linked in profiles

Social Media Marketing Services

A Social Media marketing service is essentially a marketing platform where popular social media sites such Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and others are used to divert the relevant traffic to your websites. A thoughtful SMO strategy will help you achieve better conversions by diverting relevant traffic to your website. So, if you are looking to scale up your online business with IWE and have not yet explored the potential of SMO, now is the time.

What is Social Media Optimization (SMO)?

SMO is the process of creating visibility for your brand, product or services by using Social media platforms. Common social media platform include RSS fees, social news, bookmarking sites in addition to the more common sites, videos, and blogging sites.

What are the benefits?

SMO provides multiple benefits. It gives you more visibility and therefore increases in your web traffic. SMO also presence also acts as a communication channel where companies provide social network handle in addition to regular contact details. Also, it is easier to gain popularity and customer satisfaction through social media platforms.  They also work great as free advertisement platform along with giving you the benefit of closer customer relationships.

How can Infinity Web Experts help?

We can help you put your customised SMO strategy in place.  Though there are innumerable social media platforms available, it is not necessary for all them to be relevant to your business needs. We consider your business goals and target audience, study your competitors strategy and then build a customised SMO plan that will not only get you more visitors but will direct relevant traffic to your website and increase the rate of your conversions. Our experts increase your visibility by using platforms like you tube, twitter, and any other specific to your business need.

On Site SMO

On site SMOs  are the features that can be directly added to the website such as:

  • Sharing on website/ Like buttons – This allows the visitor to share the content of your website or give an instant feedback by clicking on the like button. This, in turn, helps you understand the relevance of your content vis-avis your target audience.
  • User rating about new products/ services – On site SMOs help in getting feedback for a new product or services. This allows you to make any tweaking / modification the product needs before it starts generating negative review and helps in damage control.
  • RSS Feeds – Help your customer keep up to date with the latest updates. It also allows for customer engagement after leaving your website.
Off Site SMO

We offer Off site SMO support that saves you time and at the same time increase your visibility. We manage Offsite SMO by

  • Joining social media marketing sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Reddit, Stumbleupon, Pinterest etc. – We create accounts on your behalf on popular social media platform and keep it active to promote your product or services.
  • Connect your brand name to various similar groups and circles – We connect your accounts with similar groups and circle to get you the relevant traffic.
  • Page creation and designing – We help you create your business page and design it as per the target audience. We also keep check of the latest trend and incorporate them on your page periodically.
  • Participate in discussions – By participating in an online discussion we make your business real to people involved and in turn create a greater connect.
  • Building social community with forums – Apart from being part of the existing communities, we also create forums and participate in forums to build social community  for your business
  • Daily updates to keep in touch – In today’s world news or content become old within few hours. To keep your site relevant and engaging we daily update it to keep in touch with your target audience.
  • Create blogs for websites – Blogging is the latest craze amongst people. We help you create engaging and interesting blog that talks about your products, services, and the benefits of coming to you without being obvious about it.

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