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We are a company providing Web development services across Australia. We have a team of highly energetic professionals who will convert your thoughts and vision into a reality. Our creativity and designs will make your online presence as unique as your business. So, when you want to scale up your online presence or enter the digital medium, contact us, and get end-to-end support for your web development.

  • Did you know that most websites fail not because of the designs but because of the experience it provides?
  • It is true. Today people want a website that is fast, functional, eye-catching and easily accessible through any digital medium.
  • We have team of experts to ensure that your website has all of the above to make it attractive to your target audience. We write our own codes and thus eliminate need for any application based coding. This not only simplifies the navigation but increases the speed of your website.
  • We use the modern technologies like HTML5, CSS3, PHP, JQuery and MySQL to increase user experience and functionality; and can create appealing visual effects that will engage users.
Web Development Company Australia

We Develop Websites That Build Credibility & Maximize Conversions

We offer professional web development services across all sectors. We incorporate social media, newsletters, logins, wordpress, and content that can be customized. Our branding solutions include strong database and ecommerce to give you maximum conversions. We are one of the top web development companies that develop websites that create credibility and maximise conversions.  So, if you are looking to scale up your online presence or create your online identity, we are here to help you to realise your dream.

Web Development Services

Our Proven Website Development Process

Once you decide to partner with us for your website requirement, we will implement our full proof website development process. We will also give you SPOC (single point of contact) to make the whole process easier and hassle-free.

We will understand your business, your purpose for creating the website, your target audience and what you plan to achieve through the website. After we collect the information, we will create a site map to show how your website will develop. Also, at this stage, we will finalise on the technologies to be incorporated such as online form, online payments and such.

After we have a clear understanding of your requirement our team of designers will conceptualize the website with detailing such as font, colour, and brand logo to keep your brand consistency constant.  We will share the site mock ups with you at every stage to ensure that we all are on the same page. We will incorporate any modifications you may need to bring your vision to life.

After the designs are finalized it is time for technical development. Our web designing team will begin to add content to the finalized design template. Also, at this stage we add the integrated software. After everything comes together the site will be tested for checking – whether the site is user-friendly, all the interfaces are working correctly, and whether the site is easy to navigate. If any glitches, we correct it and re-test the website before going live.

Once the tests are successful it is time to go live! At this stage we help you get the traffic through social media marketing, PR and email campaigns.

Our work doesn’t end with the launch of your website. We also offer maintenance and support post launch. We are there for any up-gradation, content modification, or to provide support for any other problem you may face.

Why Do Most Websites Fail?

Many times even after incorporating all the essentials of a successful website, most websites still fail to generate the business. The main reasons for website failure are:

Trust And Credibility Issues

Sometimes to gain maximum visitors, the websites put up exaggerated information that can easily be verified. Or the companies do not put up their contact details like address or phone number. The lack of contact details created doubts in the mind of your visitors increasing probability of them leaving the page without conversion.

Disregard For Customer Interests

Another major reason for website failure is complete disregard for customer’s interest. If your website focuses only on what you do how you do and why you do, customers will not be able to relate. Your website needs to tell them what you can do for them, how you can help them achieve what they want and so on.

Lack Of Experience And Process

With digital boom every other business is coming up as web designers. And in opting to work with companies that lack experience and process is a sure way to website failures. So, when you choose a company for web designing check out the experience, their expertise and the processes that they can offer.

Also, ‘About Page’ is the place where you need to gain trust by sharing trustworthy information on people behind the scene. So, when you approve a web design ensure that issues regarding trust and credibility are addressed before going live.

5 Aspects Of Web Development That Businesses Need To Know

Business owner, especially small business owners are eager to get the website done and go live. However, there are 5 aspects of web development that business needs to know

1. Web Development Is Not A “once And Done” Project

Websites are not a onetime project. Completing and launching a website is just a first step in your online lifecycle. Your business will grow and technology will advance and therefore to be relevant you will need to update your content, add new segments, and add new call to actions and other interfaces depending on the changing business scenario.

2. Keep User Experience At The Heart Of Web Development

Aesthetics are good and an attractive website is what every business looks for. However, be careful that you don’t get blinded by the looks alone. Give equal or may be more focus on user experience. If your website is very slow due to heavy animations or is difficult to navigate due to complex interface, chances are your website will fail.

3. Have A Management Plan

Having a web development team to create a website is good however, if you do not plan website management, you will end up spending more money on management than creation. Ideal way is to have an in house management team that can save money as well as give you control of your website. Therefore, choose a CMS that you can manage in-house. This will be beneficial in long run rather than opting for complicated CMS and ending up paying more for its maintenance.

4. You Don’t Need To Start From Scratch

There are many platform on which you can build your website such as wordpress,. These platforms have in-built template and an option to customise the content as per your need. So, you don’t need to start from scratch and pay more money. You can opt for ready CMS platforms and build from there.

5. Ensure You Maintain Ownership

It is important to have all elements of your website on your own name such as the domain name, website hosting, images, videos, and audios and so on. This will help you retain control of your website.

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